General Manager Message

Since foundation until present, activating in the energy sector with progressive company’s structure, Netral Elektrik has been continuously paying particular attention to improvement. Management approach has been focused on success, principle of transparency and control of service admissibility, and always aimed to excellence of process, with one hundred percent customer satisfaction.  Acting with awareness of imposed responsibilities Netral Elektrik has brought the cooperation to the foreground.

Owing international standard documentation, with production line offering proven products, strong, modern and high-tech machine park, adopted business ethics rules, sustainable quality approach, always with the highest level of corporate culture, investments into high production technology, Netral Elektrik is   unceasingly climbing up the success ladder and continues to add value to enhancing and developing of undertaken works.

Starting from research and development stage and up to after-sales support, carrying vision of offering better quality and innovative products to solution partners, the leading brand in the region Netral managed to expand the market network to 20 countries, on 3 continents quickly by providing smooth product flow.

Netral will continue moving to a safer future through established effective and strong cooperation with stakeholders while moving forward with firm steps to the goal, gaining knowledge from guiding principles and company's background experience.




Our Milestones

  • 1998 Foundation of Netral Elektrik Company Starting manufacturing of LV Electrical Panels
  • 2001 Obtaining the TSE IEC 60439-1 Certificate
  • 2004 Obtaining the ISO 9001 Certificate
  • 2009 Starting manufacturing of MV transformer substations in metal housings and cable-carrying systems, Obtaining the OHSAS 18001 Certificate
  • 2010 Obtaining the TSE IEC 61537 Certificate
  • 2013 Starting manufacturing of 19-inch racks / cabinets, Entering the markets of Africa and Asia
  • 2014 Obtaining the ISO 14001 Certificate
  • 2015 Obtaining the ISO 10002 Certificate
  • 2016 Starting manufacturing of diesel generators, Entering the European market



Mission and Vision


Providing of superior quality, reliable products and services that can meet customer needs and expectations fully, timely and continuously in the most economical and efficient way.


With productive corporate structure and contemporary corporate culture, we gain high reputation in the international arena, providing zero error, top quality and hundred percent customer satisfaction by not compromising our core values, closely following the developing technology and paying particular attention to the education of personnel. Our goal is to be a leading, strong and leading organization according to world standards.


Our Core Values


Netral Electric sees a value in establishing a strong link of responsibilities between prestige and reputation in the upper hierarchy of core values in respect of its location in social, cultural, economic and social structure.


In all relationships Netral Electric makes stakeholders feel safe, always keeps promises and creates trustworthy, honest and solid foundations for healthy business.


Development and innovation are  indispensable realities of the World, where basing on own experience of taking decisions,  questioning mechanism and critical perspective, Netral Elektrik keeps up with the stream of unfamiliar global environment and with sure steps makes progress towards created targets.


Netral Electric effectively uses quality management tools and creates preventive activities and as leading brand in the industry, keeps the requests and expectations of customers on the top of degree of satisfaction.


Netral Elektrik works with principles of transparency, accessibility, responsiveness, objectivity, confidentiality and accountability, is setting own goal to always keep the high level of customers satisfaction, who are regarded as the only reason for company’s existence.


Quality Policy

In the framework of Total Quality Management Approach, in the whole process of changing and developing conditions, adding value to every performed work with culture, Netral Elektrik is targeting to the perfect, by following methods based on efficient, competitive and superior performance.

Our principles:

 To fulfill the requirements Quality Management System, ISO 9001, manage and ensure continuous improvement.

To meet our customers' full-time needs and expectations in accordance with national and international standards without compromising of Total Quality Management quality.

To closely follow the developing technology, to detect, correct and meet the changing needs in line with the principle of continuous improvement.

In accordance with our principle of Zero Defect production, instead of correcting occurred errors to provide a proactive approach taking measures to prevent the occurrence of these errors,

Our employees are our most valuable asset and are working to improve the performance and efficiency of our machine park,

To provide all required after-sales support in the fastest way.

Customer Satisfaction Policy

Fully aware that the customer is the only reason for existence of the company, Netral Elektrik is making customer satisfaction the focus of all activities, and committed to offer clients the best product and service. In this context, we evaluate inquiries and complains in the fastest mode. We keep transparency and equitable integrity, confidentiality and sensitivity in assessing principles. Our feedback reaction for customers complains is prompt, we individually develop solutions for every customer apart for to prevent the recurrence of the same complaint and improve the processes. This process was adopted as a customer satisfaction policy.

Our principles:

To ensure requirements of ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System and relevant laws,

To focus our business strategy acting with the awareness that customer satisfaction is our main target and address all inquiries quickly and transparently.

Customer complaints, transparency, accessibility, responsiveness, objectivity, confidentiality and accountability, everything is to be dealt with commitment.

The purpose of the work we do is to see the customer satisfaction. We evaluate customer requests and complaints and use them in our improvement process.

To use all our experience and resources in scope of customer satisfaction.

To Consider our employers as our internal customers, to carefully evaluate their ideas and give proper training in context of customer satisfaction.

To get to know our customers closely and fully understand and meet the needs and expectations,

To give only promises that we are able to keep, and to keep given promises,


Occupational Health And Safety Policy

Netral Elektrik is considering people as the most important value. We are activating with fully awareness and preventive measures against all kind of accidents and occupational illnesses. To maintain mental and physical health of our employees and stakeholders we are creating comfortable and safe environment at all stages of manufacturing process. In the context of zero accidents and occupational diseases we have developed effective and sustainable occupational health and safety policies.

Our principles:

To comply with OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, relevant laws, regulations and instructions prepared internally,

To conduct various studies analyzing physical, psychological and social situation of our employees,

To Perform risk analysis at our facility, to perform proactive actions for to detect in advance the factors, which can lead to work accidents and take preventive measures of deceases,

To ensure the continuity of the health and safety of our employees, to arrange all necessary trainings, to raise awareness about OHS,

To make periodic inspections in context of occupational health and safety program.

All necessary equipment and materials in the context of occupational health and safety program to be provided in a fast and effective manner.

Environmental Policy

At all stages of production process Netral Elektrik is using resources in the most effective and efficient way. Netral Elektrik being fully aware of environment protection importance for future generation of human being thus has developed and adopted an effective environmental management system.

Our principles:

To Activate according to regulations of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System,

To continually improve our environmental management system,

To think about future, to prevent the source of pollution and minimize negative impacts on the environment,

To take responsibility for to provide thematic training for our personnel to be conscious and updated concerning environmental protection topic.

To pay close attention to protection of human, environmental and natural resources,

To provide all necessary resources needed for improvement of environmental quality and to the efficient use of energy,

To work to reduce the amount of waste, to provide waste separation and ensure appropriate recycling,

To contribute to the organization of social life as a part of civil society.

Business Ethics Rules

Netral Elektrik workers during every activity with customers, communities, suppliers and all other stakeholders are guided by values of highest ethical standards at communication and relationships based on trust and consistency.

Honesty and Reliability

Netral Elektrik by establishing good relations and strong links with our stakeholders is basing on honorable, honest, and high level moral standards and maintaining the highest level of respect and trust in own name. We provide our products and services in accordance with principles of credibility and consistency, and share with customers our professional competence


We use only permissible assets belonging to our stakeholders with responsibility.


We build our relationship with our stakeholders without distinction of race, color, sex, language, religion, political opinion, fairness and ethnic origin. 

Conflict of interest

At our relationship with stakeholders we avoid taking or to give any gift with a value in cash. We avoid conflicts of interest or situations that give rise to the impression of making personal interests using business relationship.