Neither discipline nor success is accomplished without order.

The 5S,  is the management system which is highlighting and applies principles of organizing was born in Japan and is transcending the country borders ...

A five-step approach that increases quality, efficiency, speed, motivation, work safety by addressing 7 basic waste:

Seiri – Sort, keep only what is necessary

Seiton – Set in Order, always keep the tools in need under hand (at 30 second reachable place)

Seiso – Shine, always keep clean, well-maintained, protected the environment and equipment.

Seiketsu – Standardize, ensure that the first 3 steps are becoming institutional culture by providing continuity.

Shitsuke – Sustain, bring the first 4 steps to daily routine, educate the employees, announce the improvements.

The 5S's lead to improved processes and ultimately:

Reduced set-up times

Reduced cycle times

Increased floor space

Lower safety incident/accident rate

Less wasted labor

Better equipment reliability

As the business evolves into another world, the first step of the continuous improvement is taken with 5S, a simple yet effective method.




There is no such thing as small, there are those things which make up the large and the whole. To be successful and stay successful. A sustainable strategy. Steps taken on the way to continuous improvement, slow and steady progress, quiet revolution: KAIZEN

Everything starts with small questions. An unstoppable success towards solid progress in developing  and changing anyone’s life, business life, company is coming through continuous asking small questions. Rooted deep into the change like resistance, It is quietly guided without awakening strong obstacles. To solve minor problems instantly and on the spot, to cope with the challenges, to be interested in unproblematic solutions and to do great work with little touches. It is known that if we do not act against the small and resolvable problems, it will resolve into a big and unresolved struggle. The little ones are able to grow up. With Kaizen, all employees are responsible for increasing customer satisfaction, reducing costs, improving processes, shifting productivity to higher levels. There will be no improvement in the place where there is no problem, we accept the problems and provide sustainability through full scale implementation of decisions taken with full participation and focus and workforce is used in correct solution tools. To achieve a better result, instead of waiting for a problem the best solution is to concentrate on how to design a solution.