Recruitment Process

At Netral Elektrik,  the recruitment process is meticulously handled, the process is carried out fairly and transparently, focusing on candidates' skills, experience and openness to development.

Academic, social and cultural competencies which candidate should carry are determined in the case of vacancies in a glance of particular position or in the case of opening of a new position. According to these criteria, the job announcement is published.

Applicants are evaluated by the Human Resources department and CV eligible candidates are invited for interview.

Examinations are held according to the requirements of position. After the exams, the candidate is interviewed. The candidates who successfully passed the first step are invited for the second interview.

Candidates who successfully pass final interview and accept the job offer become Netral family members and prepare enrollment documents.

Education and Development

Netral Elektrik is closely monitoring the technology and continuously investing in modern machinery and equipment of the production line, ensuring constant productive capacity. In this context, all employees get timely training and professional development. This aims to provide very unit to work better and faster, professionally and adequately using all modern means and tools.

It acts with the consciousness that the basic principle of growth and development of a company is investment in human.

To make employees feel like in their own family environment, we evaluate their all feedbacks, opinions and proposals.

Keeping on the forefront the training and development is inevitable leading to success.

Suggest and Reward System

Employee is valuable, same as employee's ideas.

This system aims to help Netral employees, is working with various suggestions, contributing to own stakeholders.

The workers who face problems every day can generate better solutions at sight, each worker by own experience knows how to make own job faster, more efficient, safer.

Employees' recommendation for own process step is the biggest support.

Employees can analyze the situation from inside, and elaborate ideas for improvement.

If these suggest are applicable, they will be appreciated and rewarded.

This increases motivation, work commitment and performance of the employee, the feeling that he is working at his place, provides better concentration.

All suggestions for a work, creative thinking, service delivery, process improvement and productivity enhancement are aligned with the basic goals, objectives and strategies of the organization.

Considering these suggestions, the following factors increase and improve: Productivity, Quality, Improvements of manufacturing process and personal attitude, Saving, Security at working place, Motivation, Customer satisfaction

Job Application

To become a member of Netral Elektrik family,you can send your current CV to