ng70en - 50hz - 70kva


Standby Power (ESP):Standby power is defined as the maximum power available during a variable electrical power sequence, under the stated operating conditions, for which a generating set is capable of delivering in the event of a utility power outage or under test conditions for up to 200 hours of operation per year under average of 70% load. Overloading is not permissible. kVA 70
kW 56
Prime Power (PRP):Prime power is defined as being the maximum power which a generating set is capable of delivering continuously whilst supplying a variable electrical load. Average load should be 70%. The generator can be overloaded 10% for 1 hour per 12 hours. kVA 63,6
kW 50,9


  W x L x H (mm) Weight (kg) Fuel Tank (lt) Noise db(A) @1m
Canopied 1100 x 2650 x 1640   180 TBA
Open Skid 1100 x 1900 x 1350   180 TBA


Manufacturer   EDGAR
Model   R4105ZDS1
Injection Type   DIRECT
No of Cylinders/Cylinder Configuration   4-INLINE
Displacement lt 4,33
Bore/Stroke mm 105/125
Governor Type   ELECTRONIC
Cooling System   WATER
Coolant Capacity lt 16
Lubrication Oil Capacity lt 16
Electrical System VDC 12
Speed / Frequency   1500 rpm / 50 Hz
Fuel Consumption %110 16,9
Fuel Consumption %100 15,1
Fuel Consumption %75 14,8
Fuel Consumption %50 14,3
Exhaust Outlet Temperature ͦ C <600
Exhaust Gas Flow kg/min 5,58
Combustion Air Flow kg/min 5,78
Cooling Air Flow m3/min 62,13


Manufacturer   NOWUS
Model   WHI224E
No of Phases   3
Power Factor   0,8
No of Bearings   SINGLE
No of Poles   4
No of Leads   12
Voltage Regulation (Steady State)   ± % 1
Insulation Class   H
Degree of Protection   IP 22
Connection Type   STAR CONNECTED
Total Harmonic Content (No Load)   < 1.5%
Frequency Hz 50
Voltage Output VAC 230/400

Diesel Engine

Heavy duty diesel engine

Low fuel consumption

4 stroke, water cooled, naturally aspirated

Coolant level, oil pressure and temparature sensor

Engine jacket water heater

Electronic or mechanic governor

Accurate speed setting and order

Changeable air, fuel and oil filter

Tropical type radiator

Flexible fuel pipe

Moving parts protection

Hot parts protection

Industrial type silencer

Self-starter and charger alternatör

Starter series battery and cables

Anti-vibration shock absorbers

Diesel gen-set maintenance and operating instructions

Having compliance with ISO 8528, ISO 3046, BS 5514, DIN 6271



Brushless, single bearing, flexible disc 4 poles alternator for harmonic failure

H type isolation class

IP23 protection class

Voltage regulator providing voltage setting.

Stator 2/3 step for harmonic failure

Isolation varnish providing alternatör winding against to oil and acid

Anti-vibration shock absorbers

Bearing system that does not need maintenance

Alternator maintenance and operating instructions

Having compliance with IEC 60034-1, CEI-EN 60034-1, BS 4999-5000, VDE 0530,NFC 51-100/111, ÖVE M-10, NEMA MG 1.22.


Automatic Control Panel

Comfortable and safe use

Automatic control panel with LCD display screen

Battery charger

Automatic synchronization

Emergency stop button

Protection gen-set modules and alarm system

Moulded case circuit braker


Automatic Control System

AMF unit

ATS controller

Remote start controller

Manual start controller

Engine controller

Remote display panel

Diesel and gas gen-set support

400Hz operation support

400 event logs, full snapshot

All parameters front panel editable

All parameters front panel editable

128x64 graphical LCD display

Downloadable languages

Waveform display of V and I

Harmonic analysis of V and I

16 Amp MCB and GCB outputs

8 configurable digital inputs

Inputs expandable to 40

6 configurable digital input

Inputs expandable to 38

3 configurable analog inputs

Both CANBUS-J1939 & MPU

3 configurable service alarms

Multiple otomatic execises

4-bant GPRS modem (optional)

USB Device

RS-485 (2400-115200baud)

RS-232 (2400-115200baud)


Geo-locating through GSM

GPS support (RS-232)

Internet Central Monitoring

SMS message sending

E-mail sending

Free PC software: Rainbow Plus

Modbus RTU

Weekly operation Schedule

Dual mutual standby with equal aging of gensets

Manual “speed fine adjust” on selected ECUs

Automatic fuel pump control

Disable protections feature

Excess power protection

Reverse power protection

Overload IDMT protection

Load shedding, dummy load

Multiple load management

Current unbalance protection

Voltage unbalance protection

Fuel filling & fuel theft alarms Pil destekli gerçek zaman saati

Pil destekli gerçek zaman saati

Idle speed control

Battery charge run enabled

Combat mode support

Multiple nominal conditions

Contactor & MCB drive

4 quadrant genset power counters

Mains power counters

Fuel filling counter

Fuel consumption counter

Modem diagnostics display

Configurable through USB, RS-485 and GPRS

Free configuration program

Allows SMS controls

Ready for central monitoring

Mobile genset support

Automatic GSM geo-location

GPS connectivity (RS232)

Easy USB firmware upgrade

IP65 rating with standard gasket

USB Cable

Watertight Gasket

Screw Type Plastic Bracket

Spring Type Plastic Bracket

Output Extension Module (DKG-186)

Input Extension Module (DKG-188)


Chassis and Fuel Tank

ST37 steel chassis

Rigid structural design 

Ergonomic design tasarım

Anti-vibration systems

Hoisting points reinforced for crane lifting

Fuel tank housed in the chassis

Demountable fuel tank

Fuel-level indicator

Electrostatic powder coated



Stylish design

Production with the pre-galvanized steel ( DX51D+Z )

Amplified paint system againstp> corrosion and rust,

Demounted parts that make transportation and maintenance easier

Improved performance in terms of sound insulation

Easy access to the power connection

Emergency stop button

Indoor and outdoor design

Improved air suction channel to ensure homogenous cooling in the canopy

Exhaust inside the canopy

Specific compensator for high kw’s


Optional Equipments

Remote radiator applications

Automatic fuel filling system

Fuel tank, oil pan, dashboard, alternatör, coil heaters

Alternator with double AVR and PMG

Synchronization systems

The generator output breaker

Grid-generator transfer switches

Canopies suitable for special sound level requests

Seismic solutions


Remote monitoring

Outdoor type fuel tank